International Development

Our mission is at the heart of our work

Success in any development program requires a focus on market-driven approaches. It also requires a commitment to action at all levels. We develop local solutions to facilitate behavior change and work to promote resilient environments that create benefits to all stakeholders.

Abt Associates approach is comprehensive and dialogue driven. We establish collaborative relationships with host countries and project partners through stakeholder engagement. This involves developing effective practices, through active communication and engagement of donors, governments, educational institutes and the private sector.

Such collaborations ensure that new tools, skills and initiatives are developed from best practices and according to local context, and can be sustained in an enabling environment that attracts investment and reflects supportive policies, correct governance, strong institutions and greater competitiveness.

Completed Projects

Capacity Building Service Centre Program

Client: Australian Government

Years: 2005-2012

Implementation of the Capacity Building Service Centre program to develop the competencies and capabilities at the individual, organisational and system levels in the PNG health sector. The Service Centre is using innovative approaches to develop capacity at individual, system and organization level across the sector.

Papua New Guinea
Capacity Building Service Centre Program

Papua New Guinea Sanap Wantaim - HIV Implementation Support

Client: Australian Government

Years: 2007-2012

Abt JTA worked with the Australian Government in the planning and mobilisation of approved inputs to the Program and ensured logistic, financial and administrative support services were managed appropriately to facilitate the effective implementation of the Program. The ISP also provided a key advisory role to the Program Director and Director National AIDS Council Secretariat in the improvement of the financial management framework within NACS in relation to the Sanap Wantaim Program's support.

Papua New Guinea
Sanap Wantaim - HIV Implementation Support

PNG Health Services Support Program

Client: Australian Government

Years: 1999-2005

Abt JTA, in collaboration with GRM International Pty Ltd and IDP Education Australia, worked in partnership with the Papua New Guinea National Department of Health to improve the health services in Papua New Guinea through the Papua New Guinea Health Services Support Program.

The Health Services Support Program was a long-term partnership between the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea to improve the health of the population of Papua New Guinea. It had an innovative approach to health development assistance, distinguished from the traditional project model by its emphasis on supporting the Government of Papua New Guinea to implement its own health plan. The Program provided support across a broad range of national and provincial health services, according to the needs of stakeholders. The Programs approach was highly process driven, and based on the premise that sustainable development will be achieved through supporting individuals within the health service to implement their own plans, and at a pace that allows true ownership.

The Program supported institutional strengthening at the national and provincial level, as well as the strengthening of service delivery in rural areas.

Papua New Guinea
Health Services Support Program

Solomon Islands Health Institutional Strengthening Project

Client: Australian Government

Years: 2000-2007

Managed by Abt JTA in partnership with the Solomon Islands Government and funding by the Australian Government, the SIHISP worked to strengthen the management and operational capacity of the Solomon Islands Health sector. The program resulted in improved health service delivery through decentralisation and increased management capacity within the health sector. Program activities included health planning and management, national health information system development, hospital management, radio communications, maternal and child health, disease control, procurement and logistics, health promotion and human resources development.

Solomon Islands
Health Institutional Strengthening Project

Samoa Health Project

Client: Australian Government

Years: 2001-2007

The Samoa Health Project strengthened the management and operational capacity of the Department of Health in Samoa. The Project had five components, the first three of which provide supported the Ministry of Health in implementing its own institutional strengthening strategy. The fourth component supported the development of the non-communicable disease program and the fifth component covered management of the Project.

Health Project

Health Assistance Rehabilitation

Client: Australian Government

Years: 2005-2007

Program to assist the Government of Indonesia to achieve sustainable improvement in the health of the people of Aceh and other tsunami affected areas of Indonesia.

Health Assistance Rehabilitation